Leitz Leica Summar 5cm L39 50/2.0 50mm f/2.0 nickel feet
S/N: 249xxx

The Lens is in Good condition. Pls refer to photo for details.
Some words are mark on the lens body , details is photo-ed
Major color : Nickel

Optical :
Clear, No haze, no separation, no fungus, no scratches
Few hairline cleaning marks on front and rear glass a tiny air bubble at the edge of the middle glass which can be seen under strong light, no effect on photo.

Functional :
Focus: working correctly, smoothly
Aperture: working correctly, smoothly , no oil
without significant focus shift problem.

Focus : from 1 meter(s) to infinity
Aperture : from 2.0 to 12.5

Made in Germany




50/2 Leitz Summar (1933-1940): Universally disparaged, I think it's a treasure. These lenses give a wonderful semi-soft focus effect when shot at wide apertures with color film. Very beautiful, great for scenics, women, nudes, romantic images. All chrome collapsible lenses. Watch out for fogging and cleaning scratches. All left the factory without coating, though some were sent back to the factory for coating post war.